The right color for bigger impact!

It’s about brains and science…

Just like design, color is influencing our behavior more than one would think.

Nobel prize winner and psychologist Kahneman came to the conclusion that 95% of all our decisions are made unconscious and that color is the dominant factor in ~85% of our buying decisions.
Involving our partner Colornavigator, we are able to predict the impact of color and to advise the right colors based on science.
No more discussions on Colors. They are to be approached scientifically, based on Brand DNA, positioning, target audience, market and Colornavigator knowledge.
(Colornavigator is the first color system to have an international patent)

Predictive impact.
Using the Colornavigator predictive eye-tracking software, augmented with color science and AI algorithms, we are able to predict what attracts the audience during the first moments of truth and calculate the design impact of new concepts.
It is working faster than old-school real-life eye scanning, as it can be integrated as from the early stage concept design to influence creativity and decisions.

Finally, together with Colornavigator, we are able to enrich concept design research.
Based on intuition and unconscious color preferences of consumers we are able to segment and link their knowledge to personas in order to understand how new product designs need to take advantage of emotional and functional benefits of color identities.

Colors make a huge difference.
Linking color expertise to product- and packaging design, better results are achieved.
Making the correct decisions on colors and color combinations leads towards a stronger visual identity of products, bigger impact on consumers and positive results for Brands in the long run.

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