EXO invisible hinge

ARLU asked us to aesthetically improve their technically advanced hinge within the existing production options.

The result is a robust hinge, refined and simplified. This creates optical symmetry and offers more options for integration, sales and ease of installation.

‘Detailing, simplification, textures and color schemes’

‘Detailing, simplification, textures and color schemes’

Achieving the maximum in terms of design within technical possibilities and limitations.

Solid and invisible

EXO integrates nicely as a hinge and is completely invisible when the door closes.

The invisible EXO is a 3D-adjustable hinge with invisible screws and equipped with an Easy-Hook system.
This allows the door to be installed by one person.
The hinges are reversible and can be used for left and right doors.

Down to the smallest detail...

Looking for and balancing proportions, integrating subtle branding and technical information on the product, ensures simplicity and strengthens the quality expression that EXO has. It underlines ARLU’s brand values, convinces and creates the desired confidence in the product among the target audience.

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