Design science and product performance

Playing the unconscious


Let’s not talk about sustainability for a moment…

In addition to coming up with solutions for tomorrow, our job is to design strong, meaningful and performant products. Products that consumers prefer, that make their lives easier. Products that generate growth for companies and make a difference in the market.
We design more intelligent products. Often also better looking, cheaper and higher quality products.

And when we’re done, we want the product to be successful.
And it does, not by accident.

Many decisions from the design process contribute to the success of a new product. Amongst them, we master two of them very well. Namely Design and Color.

For us, design is the method for working in an innovative way. To create beautiful, affordable solutions. To ensure that the product is understood by its market and users. It is a method to make things extraordinary, to make them stand out, but also to make them feasible, verifiable and smarter. Of course also to make products more sustainable! Difficult at some times, but always evident.

For several years now, we have also been adding color as a science to our process.

What many people are not aware of is that color, just like design, responds to the unconscious brain of the consumer. Color influences more than 80% of the purchasing decisions of that consumer, and this completely unconsciously.

For this we work structurally together with our partner Colornavigator. The first company to combine patented scientific color intelligence, predictive insights, artificial intelligence and creativity in the design process.

New products don’t just happen. They come to life by a thorough and proven process. As with color, no decisions are made by chance. We validate them scientifically with data that is linked to product performance.

The goal? To create impact.

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