2020. We’ll never forget you!

Indeed, it was a tough one…

Many of us feel the same about the crazy journey that 2020 has been!
Our entrepreneurship has not often been challenged more, all at the same time. Everything came together, but not as a plan (in contrast with the A-Team’s beloved quote)
Just like ourselves, many of our clients all of a sudden had to change their minds, as strategies became obsolete and forced us to switch to survival mode. For us, the timing to buy-out and re-brand our company couldn’t be worse. Most innovation projects were put on hold and clients were re-structuring for uncertain times.

We teamed up together internally, challenged ourselves to be free as @Blackbirds (?) and made efforts to adapt to our clients’ most urgent needs. Standing by our clients, being relevant to help them re-invent or change their offering, designing and realizing their new normal.

There is a saying that ‘creativity comes out of the necessity to solve problems’.
Well, 2020 has largely proven the saying. After the first or more lockdowns, our clients stood up and straightened their back! Challenging their business models and reinventing themselves on a never imagined speed. Acting fast, uncertain but confident and having no choices but stepping out of their comfort zone.
The results are very inspiring, putting companies in start-up mode again, finding new ways to change business, and embracing creativity with a strong determination to persist, maintain and even grow.

Humble, we are grateful that we could contribute.
Therefore, deep respect for all of your achievements dear clients, dear network, dear entrepreneurial minds. You can be proud of yourselves!

Now toast on your loved ones, buckle up for 2021 more than ever before, be creative and continue the change together! You are GOLD!

Love & hugs,
Team Blackbirds.

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