Seduce, Use, Reduce, Produce, Reuse, Seduce …

The secret garden of innovation

Making sure people fall in love with your product, become fans and sustain are unfortunately not done by accident. Tweaking all touchpoints on new product innovation reaches far beyond design.
It is taking into account improvements on usability, materials, sustainability, appearance, interaction, cost, impact, performance, manufacturability, logistics, iconicity, brand dna, …

Following a solid design process, is making sure new products are designed on purpose.
The key element of our design process is to put the new product into the heart of end consumer.
Understanding needs, aligning them with outstanding improvements and making the solutions feasible.
Creating new icons and making sure they do good, good for people, good for Brands, good for our planet, is what makes products meaningful!


An essential and fortunately hot concept nowadays!
It is very complex to design sustainable solutions, as often the sustainable solution does not come from the product only. Furthermore, one can always claim the non-sustainability of any solution, but to us, the discussion is a waste of time.
We understand sustainability as coming from a network of stakeholders that need to be aligned on doing the good. From choosing materials, stimulating consumers to behave, expecting governments to regulate, towards responsible marketing campaigns and much more…
A complete chain on value creation and future prosperity.

During the coming decade the needs on sustainable innovation are not only required, they are bringing huge opportunities for any business or individual.
So do it! Even small, every little step counts. Sustainability is not only for big corporates or automotive industries.
Whether it is reducing materials or weight of your product, whether it is improving shelf space,  logistical challenges or the involvement of the end consumer, many little improvements contribute to the common goal to do good!

A good example of a small improvement to a packaging with an enormous impact on sustainability is our packaging design project for Devos & Lemmens.

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