Squeeze packaging

Leading the full creative process of the new squeeze packaging for Vandemoortele.

Aesthetical- and technical design of the new Vandemoortele Squeeze packaging, expressing the brands DNA of quality and perfection in taste. Putting all knowledge in structural packaging design together to smoothly align bottle production and filing line restrictions with marketing and commercial aspirations. A successful co-creation with the brand owner, production factory, and manufacturing with a leading and guiding roll for the design agency.

Ideation & exploration

Once the project boundaries have been set, the briefing has been finalized, and the KPI’s have been defined new ideas and concepts are being explored. Sketching, 3D modeling, cardboard or paper mock-ups, quick 3D prints, or any other tool that helps is used to explore new ideas and support the creative process.

Shelve simulation

Knowing 70% of buying decisions are made in store, the way your product stands out on the shelve is key.

From the very first concept sketches real store like environments are simulated, to conduct research in a photo realistic setting, to collect user insights and to validate new design concepts in an early stage.


Prototyping for validation

In prototyping all design parameters can be checked and validated (or adjusted) and a firts production line check can be conducted.

Design validation: design DNA, brand alignment, ergonomics, size impression, available artwork surface, etc.

Production validation: line stability and touch point, label application, specific production line modifications, etc.

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