How long does a project take?

That’s hard to say. A new agricultural machine can obviously not be compared with an innovative toothbrush, revolutionary bra or sustainable squeeze packaging. The duration of a project depends on the required degree of innovation and the complexity.

To give you an idea, a small project takes 1 to 3 months, a medium-sized project 3 to 9 months and a large project longer than 1 year.

Can I start with only a small innovation?

Of course. Every step, no matter how small, counts to improve your product offering. Some of our assignments are just about small but valuable improvements, restyling, a color or material upgrade. What’s more, small steps often have a major impact on the user, your costs or product communication. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

But do you have experience with my sector and market niche?

Chances are high. But that’s not really that important. You are the specialist in your domain. We add the necessary creativity, technologies and user experiences to this. If we are completely honest, we ourselves are sometimes amazed by the problem-solving capacity that we have built up over the years. Some call it design thinking, for us it is a natural way of working and beneficial across all sectors.

Do you also design for small businesses?

Yes, and we love to do so! Our customer base includes an equal number of large and small companies. Size doesn’t matter at all… It’s the challenge that drives us.

How much will it cost?

BLACKBIRDS starts with listening and setting the challenges sharp and clear for everyone.
We translate each project into a personal approach, clear deliverables and fixed budget. No surprises.

My business is running well. Why should I innovate?

For the future of course. Because to continue with the same momentum, we have to reinvent, adapt and improve ourselves.


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