Blackbirds is

  • in business since 2005
  • a Belgian & Dutch design agency with local and international clients
  • a close team of very diverse designers

Actually, Blackbirds has been around for quite some time. Founded in 2005 in the Design Center in Antwerp Blackbirds achieved a solid design reputation with an international network of partners and cherished customers from Illinois to Tokyo.

To accomplish our mission, Blackbirds has designers on board with diverse expertise: strategic, industrial, packaging and branding. Together they form an award-winning design team that always strives to give customers a head start on tomorrow’s market.


About the bird...

If you listen carefully on a summer night, you will certainly hear the blackbird. Quite an ordinary bird. But his singing is anything but ordinary. With an undeniably creative repertoire, this little guy charmes all listeners.

Turns out this good-tempered friend can be spotted in both cities and gardens, living in tight groups. When Google told us that blackbirds whistle better in healthy places and that, unlike other birds, they lay not white but striking blue eggs, we were completely sold.

PS Similarities to ourselves are not entirely coincidental.